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Getting to the Financial Light at the End of the Tunnel
There is nothing but uncertainty regarding the impact of COVID-19 on distributors. The uncertainties include how long the economy will be shut down, how swiftly it will return to “normal” and how deep the sales decline will be.

While there is uncertainty, it is possible to utilize some key financial tools to measure the options that distributors have. This webinar will provide guidance for using these tools.

Key topics will include:

- Knowing your break-even point--really
- Determining the strength of your cash position
- Avoid the mistakes distributors made after 9/11 and after the Great Recession
- Developing a plan for the future to be ready next time

This webinar will be conducted by Al Bates and will utilize materials directly from AED's financial benchmarking report.
Dr. Albert D. Bates is a Principal in the Distribution Performance Project, a research group devoted to distribution issues.

Al makes approximately 50 presentations each year on topics such as Improving the Bottom Line, Getting Serious About Profit, Doing More with Less, and Pricing for Profit. He is also a featured speaker at the University of Innovative Distribution.

He has written extensively in both the professional and trade press, including the Harvard Business Review, the California Management Review and Business Horizons.

Al received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and his MBA and doctorate from Indiana University. While at Indiana he was one of the first recipients of the Ford Foundation Fellowships in Business Education.

He is married and has three grown daughters. When he is not traveling giving seminars he enjoys tennis and skiing. He is not particularly good at either one.

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