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Best Practices to Become a Data-Driven Organization
Newsflash: static Excel spreadsheets pulled from an ERP system aren't business intelligence (BI). Pulling live data from multiple sources and building dynamic analyses is. And that’s just the beginning. But to get from Point A to Point B isn’t something that happens overnight. Think evolution over revolution. This webinar will guide dealers through the steps of an increasingly advanced business intelligence strategy, starting from the pre-analytical seeds of BI and ending at the full-blown data-driven powerhouse.
Jared Cornelius is an enterprise software professional who is passionate about helping organizations foster data-driven action. Specializing in business analytics solutions for nearly 20 years, Jared has worked with hundreds of companies across most industries to extract value from data, improve profitability and optimize operations. As Director of Presales Consulting at TARGIT, Jared partners with businesses to understand their objectives and apply technology solutions that streamline the use of data to achieve better business outcomes.
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