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The Economy of Recycled Aggregate Materials
Webinar Description
The growth potential with material processing equipment is massive. Many distributors have experienced tremendous success by adding specialized products, increasing their ability to reach new customers through their existing sales organization and customer base. However, for many reasons, some dealers are apprehensive about entering the material processing market segment. This webinar will present a methodology to help dealers analyze their local market and develop a business plan to install a new profit center successfully.

Content includes:
  • Understanding the material processing market
    • Facts and figures on the economy of disposal
    • Examples of the 10 Major Metropolitan Cities
  • The Expansion of dealers through materials processing
    • Developing specialty products – how to grow your business with material processing
    • Supplement a lost revenue stream and find new horizons through material processing
    • How can I reach new customers?
    • How can I find new profits?
    • How to align your business with material processing?
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