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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!
Webinar Description
In today's climate of whiplash-inducing change, company culture can make or break the success of any business. Between mergers and acquisitions, evolving business strategy, and the generational challenges of today's workforce, culture clash leads to a decrease in productivity and increased employee turnover.

In this dynamic webinar, participants will learn real world tools and tips to alleviate the headaches too many leaders face each day.

Participants will walk away with:
• Practical tips to build and maintain a cohesive culture
• An understanding of the most common mistakes well-intentioned leaders make that kill culture
• The two critical factors to creating a strong and positive culture
• And more!

Shaunna Jones, HR Success Strategist for K·Coe’s outsourced HR services, has more than 15 years of experience in the development and coaching of employees.

Her ability to manage human resource experiences and facilitate employee development programs, with an emphasis on developing emerging leaders, is Shaunna’s specialty.  With the ultimate goal of developing strong talent, securing long-term employee satisfaction and retention, and cultivating leaders, Shaunna provides keen insight for HR departments, and customizes effective solutions to manage employee relations, performance plans, and leadership programs.

As a Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt, Shaunna has an extensive background in operations and process improvement, coupled with an innate ability to coach employees to maximize their skills and talents. Her unique combination of people- and process-improvement skills allows her to help companies diagnose the root causes of barriers to success, and then coach organizations on problem-solving methods to alleviate frustrations, decrease turnover, and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. 
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Cost: $95.00
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