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The Top Four Trends That Will Drive Your Sales Into the Future
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There’s nothing worse than trying to catch a wave after it’s already past you. Right now, the selling profession is being buffeted by not one, but four big waves that will change our businesses and our careers for the foreseeable future. SALES IS CHANGING FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE. In fact, it’s changing faster than it was last year, or the year before that. The reasons are technological, generational, and even cultural. Essentially, there are four big trends will drive sales into the future, and Troy “The Sales Navigator” Harrison will help you be on the forefront of them.

Those trends are:
• AI
• The rise of younger buyers with different paradigms and value standards
• The necessity to hire younger salespeople in the face of “graying” sales teams
• The fact that buyers have control

Some will embrace these trends and prosper. Some will not – and they will be erased. What will be your path? Sales is changing. View this webinar and learn how you can get ready for what’s ahead.
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