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Creating a Happy, Optimistic & Productive Workplace (Live)
Webinar Description
In this immediately useful, practical, and interactive presentation, Dr. Michael Mercer will discuss how you can create and maintain an upbeat, positive workplace, resulting in hard-working and more productive employees.

Dr. Mercer wrote the book “How Winners Do It” and co-wrote the book “Spontaneous Optimism.” He even was interviewed on the “Oprah” TV show – 2 times!

In this fast-paced session, attendees will learn:
  • 5 quick & effective techniques to instantly boost your optimism
  • 4 ways you can get your employees be consistently optimistic
  • 6 illness patterns your employees can avoid by being optimistic
  • a 2-step method to make your employees cherish working for you

Michael Mercer, Ph.D., is an author, business psychologist, and speaker. His 6 books include Hire the Best & Avoid the Rest™, Spontaneous Optimism, and How Winners Do It. He delivers speeches and seminars at organizations across America. Dr. Mercer created 3 “Forecaster™ ™Tests” – pre-employment tests used by many organizations to scientifically forecast which job applicants are likely to become “Superstar” employees – both highly productive + low-turnover.  
Availability: Retired
Cost: $95.00
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