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Trust Me, We'll Get Through This
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If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty quickly leads to panic. And what’s worse, uncertainty and change happen seemingly overnight…and at an exponential rate. So, how do we manage through the difficult? This webinar will give you tools and techniques to lead through difficult times with trust and transparency, sapient leadership, and thinking with your heart.

Topics include:
• What it means to be transparent with your people (hint: it is NOT telling people everything, but it IS giving people context)
• What it means to be heart led and the value of kindness
• What is sapient leadership? Characteristics of a sapient leader and how you can embody trust

Jonathon Jasper is a comms guru with 10 years of experience working with Fortune 500 businesses in the areas of philanthropy, business strategy, culture development, and executive transparency.

Before Shape Story, he spent five years at Big Lots Stores, Inc. where he oversaw all internal communication operations including executive correspondence, business communication strategy, change and crisis management, culture development, brand cascades, engagement events, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and support of the company's philanthropic activities through the Big Lots Foundation.

Jonathon's work revolutionized the role of Internal Communications at Big Lots with the launch of the company's first intranet and his strategic vision for digital-centric communication built for today's workforce.

Before joining Big Lots, Jonathon spent five years at Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) as Communication Manager where he oversaw channel management, social media development, mission, vision, values deployment, philanthropic initiatives, and played an integral part during the company's M&A process.
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