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Six Regimens that are VITAL for Construction Equipment Sales Professionals
Doing the disciplines of sales professionals by establishing them as regimens will assure sustainable sales health.

Don Buttrey



Don Buttrey, Sales Professional Training™, has extensive sales & marketing expertise that he has utilized in a hands-on engineering and manufacturing environment. His broad experience gives him an insightful perspective on the key roles of salespeople and managers. Don works extensively in the equipment industry and understands the needs of dealers. Don is a frequently chosen speaker and trainer for various AED programs.


Doing the disciplines of sales professionals by establishing them as regimens will assure sustainable sales health. Regimens are more than just short-term goals or reluctant commitments to higher expectations or quotas – they are a “way of LIFE"!

The word 'regimen' is derived from the Latin word regere; meaning 'to rule.' If a sales professional will do these six regimens religiously – they will rule their career, territory, and market.

REGIMEN 1 – Reporting Actions – week/month ahead planning & call reporting

REGIMEN 2 – Prospecting New or Penetrating Existing Accounts

REGIMEN 3 – Evaluation of Territory/Accounts – periodic and ongoing A-Z evaluation

REGIMEN 4 - Evaluation of Territory/Accounts – list, group, and prioritize accounts

REGIMEN 5 - Formal Account Strategic Planning

REGIMEN 6 - Pre-Call Tactical Planning

As a Sales Professional, individually defining, owning, and executing these regimens will perpetuate long-term success and results in your selling! Each regimen will be discussed providing direction and tools. Following this webinar each participant will complete a worksheet documenting the specifics of their personal regimen prescription, including details of specific actions and intervals (per day, week, or other period). Each individual will base his/her regimens on their unique territory, responsibilities, goals, and corporate expectations. Writing out a 'do-able' prescription for each regimen will assure implementation and sustainability of the actions. Salespeople will be encouraged to meet and agree on coaching and accountability with their sales manager.

WHO should attend: Territory sales people, account managers, product managers, and all outside or territory sales professionals. Especially valuable for sales managers, branch managers, and any sales leaders who manage a team of Sales Professionals.

Availability: On-Demand
Cost: $95.00
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