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Setting Rental Rates – Science or Art?
Tips on how to set rental rates for your dealership.
For years dealers entering the rental business have been searching for the magic formula for setting rental rates. Shouldn't it be 5% of the dealer net? Does the customer really care what you paid for the machine? What is the ratio for daily rates to weekly rates? Isn't (4) weeks the same as a monthly rate? How do I know if I am getting a good rate on my machine? These are just a few of the prevailing questions that will be answered during our webinar. Getting the pricing right is critical to your success in rental.

Larry Kaye



Mr. Kaye is a former Board of Directors member with the American Rental Association, where he has received a number of service awards, presented at various conferences and organized the Construction University program for educating members. Kaye has written training materials for the Caterpillar Rental College, authored a series of rental operations manuals for Bobcat and written articles for trade publications on various aspects of the rental industry.

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