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Service Management 201: Advanced Service Management
Course Description
This course will build upon the concepts introduced in the Service Management 101 course, as well as introduce new tools and best practices. This course will focus on the importance of changing current service processes and the resulting positive impact this will have on the service department and total dealership productivity, effectiveness, and profitability.

Content includes:
  • Technician time management and the fundamental formula for service gross profit
  • Service department operations that will increase service sales, improve quality, streamline processes and generate net profit that exceeds 25%, which is the highest for the dealership
  • Understanding how to increase productivity and how to affect KPSs such as billing efficiency, work in process, and expense control by category
  • The service customer relations process and how the entire service staff must focus on the execution of the process, including communication skills, follow-up, motivation, and reward
  • The importance of empowering service department employees and coaching them to maintain all key processes
  • Understanding basic principles of teamwork, partnership, and consultative selling to deliver solid customer retention
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Cost: $450.00
Contains: 8 Courses
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