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Sales Leadership 201: Coaching Not Telling
Course Description
Every conversation is a coaching moment. There is a difference between encouraging someone's performance and behavior and telling someone to do something to achieve a desired result. When you can help someone by coaching, do you respond by telling them or coaching them?

Coaching is a selling skill and great coaches take their sales teams to new and exciting levels of performance. This course introduces the skills and traits needed to be an effective and successful coach to your team.

Content includes:
  • Coaching vs. telling vs. mentoring
  • Setting the stage for successful coaching
  • Self-esteem and coaching for the future
  • Validating for mutual understanding, responsibility, and desired outcomes
  • Creating opportunities for success and handling objections
  • Creating a call to action and plan to ensure accountability
  • Recognition
Availability: On-Demand
Cost: $450.00
Contains: 11 Courses
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