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Online Technical Course Bundle
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What Are The AED Foundation’s Online Technical Courses?

The AED Foundation’s online technical courses focus on basic skill development directly related to the six core competencies outlined in The Standards for Heavy Equipment Technology published by The AED Foundation.

Who Takes The AED Foundation’s Online Technical Courses?

The online technical courses cover the fundamentals of heavy equipment technology, and is designed for:

  • Employees new to the industry who need to establish knowledge of heavy equipment technology fundamentals
  • Current employees who need a refresher on key concepts

Why Use The AED Foundation’s Online Technical Courses?

The online technical courses are flexible, with users able to access them at any time, anywhere with internet access. Courses are short, with topics broken down into manageable segments and knowledge checks, allowing users to learn at their own pace.

These interactive courses can be used as a standalone resource or in conjunction with hands-on learning at your dealership as a supplement to your training program.

Course Information & Requirements

Subscription Length

Users who purchase this course bundle will have access to all courses contained in the bundle for one (1) year.

Passing Requirements

All courses have two parts: the course content and the course assessment. Both must be successfully completed in order to pass the course.

Participants must achieve a score of 80% or higher to pass the assessment. If you do not achieve a score of 80% or higher on your first attempt, please review the course and answer the assessment questions again.

If you do not achieve a score of 80% or higher after your second attempt, you will need to contact to have the course unlocked so that you may review the content and retake the assessment.

Course List
Shop Safety
Basic Hand Tools
Precision Measuring Tools
Electric Tool Fundamentals
Air Tool Fundamentals
Hydraulic Tool Fundamentals
Lifting Equipment Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Electrical Safety
Electrical Schematics
Basic Electrical I
Basic Electrical II
Basic Electrical III
Hydraulic Schematics
Basic Hydraulics I
Basic Hydraulics II
Basic Hydraulics III
Transmission Fundamentals
Countershaft Transmissions
Planetary Transmissions
Gear Fundamentals
Differential and Axle Fundamentals
Clutch and Brake Steering Systems
Torque Converter Fundamentals
Diesel Engine Fundamentals
Tier 4 Emissions
HVAC Fundamentals
Availability: On-Demand
Cost : Member: $499.00
Non-Member: $499.00
Contains: 26 Courses
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