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Navigating Disruption in 2020: Tapping into the Virtual Equipment Consumer
Understanding how to sell in a digital world is an important part of having a successful business in general, but having a strong digital presence is especially crucial in an economic environment like the one we're currently facing. In this webinar, Equipment Trader will share virtual retailing best practices for dealers.

Content includes:

- Why digital marketing matters and is so important to the success of your dealership
- Who your buyer is and the challenge of keeping up with evolving consumers
- How to hone your online listings using our PAID strategy that you can start implementing immediately
- Key digital best practices you should be following now and always
Paige Bouma is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Operations at Trader Interactive. With over 15 years of experience, Paige offers a wealth of knowledge and insight around digital advertising, large-scale partnerships, customer service, and dealership consultation. Her professionalism and passion for the industry has allowed her to consistently develop comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of dealers of all sizes across the nation.
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